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BrainStrong, 30 caplets


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BrainStrong Memory Support is a breakthrough new formula containing Gingko biloba and Choline – two ingredients scientifically demonstrated to help support brain signals, sharpen focus and support a healthy memory.* See what makes BrainStrong Memory Support the strong choice in brain health supplements.
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It’s important to note that all Ginkgo biloba is not created equal. The Ginkgo biloba in BrainStrong Memory Support is highly standardized, ultra-high quality and offered at the full serving amount that has been scientifically associated with supporting healthy mental function, focus and attention.*

As we age, blood flow to our brain declines. Ginkgo biloba extract has been shown in multiple clinical studies to maintain healthy blood flow and circulation, ensuring your brain gets the proper nutrients it needs to help perform at its best

Nine out of ten Americans don't get enough of BrainStrong’s other main ingredient, Choline.3 And that means the tiny messengers in the brain, called neurotransmitters, may not be receiving the nutrition they need to function properly. Fortunately, BrainStrong Memory Support is an excellent source of Choline, feeding your neurotransmitters and supporting your brain’s communications network while maintaining healthy cognitive function

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